Conversations with Loulou

Conversations with Loulou is a podcast brought to you every Friday in collaboration with the entrepreneur and angel investor Loulou Khazen in which she interviewed entrepreneurs from the region

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CWL - Sufyan AL-Issa PH.D, Head of the International Finance Corporation
منذ 3 أشهر
The role of schools, raising kids that are whole and mental health | Conversations with LouLou | |
منذ 3 أشهر
CWL - Dr. Noah Raford, The Journey to the Future - S3 EP11
منذ 4 أشهر
Conversations With LouLou - S3 EP10 - Christian Eid, Founder & CEO of NoBueno
منذ 5 أشهر
CWL - S3 EP9 - Farres Akkad, Regional Director at Meta MENA
منذ 5 أشهر
How to build a podcast network | Conversations with Loulou | S3 EP8
منذ 9 أشهر
Fundraising for a non-tech startup | Conversations with Loulou | S3 EP7
منذ 9 أشهر
Artists going into the NFT world | Conversations with Loulou | S2 EP1
منذ 9 أشهر
Tough Love Advisors on new beginnings, brand building, and marketing | Conversations with Loulou | S3 EP6
منذ 9 أشهر

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